Current Projects

The following improvement and repairs have been done in the recent weeks:

Installed new steel roof with 100% ice shield under layment coverage

Installed new dual pane windows throughout the pump house

Installed new smoke detectors with remote alarming and 24/7 monitoring

Corrected a few electrical distribution deficiencies

Sealed cracks in pump house concrete floor

Installed web cam

Updated Sky Hi Water District web access and computer allowing for free internet access for residents in near proximity of the pump house as "guest"

Sky Hi Domestic Water Improvement District New Well Improvement Plans

To Access the Sky Hi New Well Drawings and design for the well being drilled at the pump house property (November 2019) please click here...

Office remodel

Sky Hi Domestic Water Improvement District will be doing some maintenance/remodeling to the office.

Sky Hi Domestic Water Improvement District Launches a New Website! Let Us Know What You Think!

Working harder to better serve and communicate with our community we have launched a new website for our water customers.  Check it out and let us know what you think.  Subscribe today!